Welcome to Waldridge Parish Council

Our Parish Council has been around for many years, bringing old and new together, dating back to 1894 when Parish Councils were first created by statute. We are situated south west of Chester-le-Street, a town in County Durham. 

Our aim is to develop and sustain a sense of community within the Parish of Waldridge by addressing environmental, economic and social issues and delivering quality services to our residents. We currently hold Quality Council Foundation status, this mean the Parish Council will: 

· be representative of the whole community

· communicate regularly with its residents

· be properly managed and responsible

We have approximately 1740 dwellings in our Parish with over 3500 residents. 

Parish and Town Councils in England are the first-tier of local government, the closest to the people – delivering a vast range of services and representation at a community level. 


Did You Know?
We are officially recognised as a Quality Parish Council. Click here for more information