Cllr Kathleen Foster

Contacting Cllr Foster :

20 Fenton Close
Waldridge Park
Co Durham

e-mail –

Telephone: 0191 3889221

About Cllr Foster:

I have lived on Waldridge Park for over 40 years. I first became involved with the Parish Council a number of years ago when I worked as Clerk for the Parish Council.  Unfortunately after a few years I had to give this up due to  family and work commitments.
I always kept in touch and once there was a vacancy I applied for the position in 2007, I was very glad to have the opportunity to take part in Parish matters which covered not just attending meetings but also being involved in what goes on in the area which affects us as residents.  Over the years there have been a number of issues such as parking problems,telephone masts and planning applications and its good to know the Parish Council are trying their best for our Parish and I enjoy being part of this and hopefully this will make our Parish a better place to live.
Being able to help out with the events organised by the Parish Council is really enjoyable, you will normally find me in the tea tent making drinks.  These events are growing each year and it is so good to see friends, neighbours and residents at these events and everyone having a good time, especially the children.