Our annual Citizen of the Year Award


The Parish Council would like to recognise and give awards for all you good neighbours and citizens in our Parish who have gone unnoticed.



We have split it into two categories, over 18’s and under 18’s.

This is an annual award and hope to receive many nominations for both age groups. Winners will be invited to our annual Awards Evening to receive their award and a prize.



There are many things they could have done to be eligible to win this award from:-

  • Getting your shopping when you couldn’t get out
  • Call in for a chat when passing
  • Clear the snow from your drive
  • Help to start your car
  • Tidy your garden
  • Put your bin out
  • Water your flowers
  • Look after your house when you are on holiday
  • Taking your dog for a walk



The list is endless, I am sure you can think of plenty of people who have shown they are kind and caring individuals.

We are especially looking for under 18’s, as they,  all too often, get a bad press, it would be great to show your appreciation of the many things the young people do to help out.



Time to nominate
If you would like to nominate anyone in your street or community, please contact the Clerk on 07961 790 990 or e-mail on parishclerk.waldridgeparish@gmail.com. The deadline for nominations is the 1st of September 2020.

2019 Joint Winners

Over 18s Category

Viv Chambers – nominated by Mary Taylor for volunteering to help people with their gardens, baking, and providing meals.

Tom Coltman – nominated by David Brown for the time and effort he has put into promoting disability football over the years.

2018 Winner

Over 18’s Category

Jean Redpath – nominated by Sarah Hindle for being a great support in difficult times


2017 Winner

Over 18’s category

Gillian Ferry – nominated by Danie Lindley for all she does in the village, she arranges coffee mornings for charity along with all other activities


 2016 winners

Over 18’s category

Mr and Mrs Herdman – nominated by Louise Doran for showing brilliant neighbouring actions to all their neighbours.

Unfortunately no under 18’s nominated this year

2015 winners

Over 18’s category

Mrs Brenda Wright – nominated by Cynthia Hall – Brenda is always involved in community events.  She raises a lot of money for the Northumbria in Bloom by organising coffee mornings and selling art and crafts.


Under 18’s category


Robyn Taylor – nominated by Felecity Smith  – Robyn did a sponsored swim in aid of Marie Curie. She swan ½ mile to raise money for this charity after we sadly lost a student who was a  close friend of Robyn’s to cancer. Robyn rasied £300.00

Deanna Robinson – nominated by Felicity Smith – Dianna has done few different things for charity this year. She helped her mam organise and hold a charity English tea party in July. She also took part in a 24 hours charity relay. Both for CRUK RELAY LIFE JARROW. And of course she recently took part in the sponsored silence at school


2014 winners


Over 18’s category



Will Horsley, Ronnie Fraser and Mark Burdon – were all nominated by Geoff Cork for showing their commitment to keeping our Parish clean and tidy. They are very often seen in and around the parish picking up loads of rubbish, which has been left. They do this off their own back.


Under 18’s category


Taylor Farrington aged 11 was nominated by his mother Jacky – Earlier this year, just before lent Taylor, off his own back came up to his mother and said he wanted to do something different for lent, and wanted to raise money for a local, small charity, he spent some time searching the internet and he came up with St Cuthberts Hospice who help people with life limiting illnesses.


Taylor spent the time of lent raising as much money as he could and he did this by donating his pocket money, he designed a flyer and posted it through neighbours letterboxes, he baked goodies to sell in school, and after a donation from where his mother works, he ended up raising almost £730 for the charity, which is quite amazing.


A firefighter from Framwelgate moor fire station saw his achievements in the local advertiser and invited him to the fire station and together they delivered another £100 which was raised from the fire crew to donate to Taylors efforts making a new total of £830.

This is an amazing and selfless act for a young boy to do, and just shows that there are some good kids out there who are keen to help the less fortunate amongst us.


Special awards

This has gone to the children and teachers at the Hermitage School for helping with litter picks, planting up the flower bed and wanting to be actively involved in the Parish.


Brian Laidler the Caretaker for Waldridge Parish Council received an award for all the hard work he does, he works many more hours that he is paid for and never complains



2013 winners



Over 18’s category



Mr and Mrs Cooper – they were nominated by the cub parents – Ian and Janet have been cub leaders for many years in the parish, working with and planning for the children, giving them opportunities to develop individually and as part of teams. They have worked with local people to do things for the community as part of cub activities, placing bee boxes on the fell, planting flowers etc Ian is also involved with cubs on a county level.  He has not had good health for the past two years, undergoing numerous operations and having ongoing treatment for the large amounts of pain he still has.  This has not stopped him from continuing to give to the children involved, he has continued to work with them throughout it all. There are many many young people in the parish who have benefited from Ian’s leadership and Janet’s organisation.



Mrs Carol Penny – she was nominated by her neighbour Glynis Elliot for helping her through a very difficult time before and after her husband’s death.  Glynis said there are a lot of good neighbours in the village, but none to kind as Carol and her family.  She wanted to show her gratitude by nominating her for this award.  She received a commendation from the Council.



Under 18’sthree young girls shared the award



Katie Webster and Kiera Robinson and Dianna Robinson nominated by Russ and Danie Lindley

The girls held a cake sale in the parish rooms to raise money for Cancer charity.  They are only 10 and 8 years old, they baked cakes and sold them to raise over £200


2012 winners


Over 18’s category –  once again there was two worthy winners in this category.



Mr and Mrs Arthur and Olive Wilsonwere nominated by their neighbour, who when her parents were ill, they kept a very close eye on her home, opening and closing the curtains.  They also gave Julie a lot of support at a stressful time in her life.

Mrs Viv Bailey – was nominated by Geoff Cork, for taking a very active part in Northumbria in Bloom helping with the planting and tidying up of the beds.  Also very active in litter picking across the Parish with Cllr Jill Douglas, calling themselves the ‘Waldridge Wombles’



Under 18’s category

Bailey Petrie – was nominated by his father and supported by the police, when he was out walking his dog in the woods came across a lady who was unconscious and suffering from hypothermia.  He ran home and got his father, they phoned the police, who said if he hadn’t found her she would have died.   She was reported missing from home for two days.


2011 winners


Over 18’s category the council couldn’t choose between the two, so they both received an award.

Mrs Mary Taylor,

She was nominated by the allotment association, she gives a lot of her time to help out in the community, taking part in the planting of the many beds, helping elderly neighbours in the bad weather and being actively involved in the residents association.

Mrs Cynthia Hall

She was nominated by her neighbour for helping around the village with elderly residents, whilst being busy looking after her grandchildren and elderly mother.



Under 18’s category


Mr Ben Harris who was nominated for helping his elderly neighbour whilst she was unwell, with watering her plants and asking if there was anything he could help her with.



2010 winners


Under 18’s category – Miss Sarah Louise Hughes,

She was nominated by Mrs Fraser’s who’s father fell on his drive very early in the morning, he shouted for help and only Sarah who was asleep at the time heard his cries.  She came downstairs and raised the alarm, she stayed with the gentleman until the ambulance came, she has since been visiting the elderly gentleman and helping him out.



Over 18’s category – Mr Mike Dulieu

He was nominated by Geoff Cork, Mike has after retiring from the Parish, still been very active helping out with planting and other activities ie funday etc, despite being of ill health continues to be a very active part in the Parish.