Parish Competitions

Parish Competitions in Waldridge

Are you ready? Everyone loves a good competition. Here in Waldridge Parish, we’re no exception, we’re competitive types too! This year the Parish Council have decided to hold a couple of competitions for all you green fingered residents out there.

Plant a seed in a pot and watch it grow, we will be judging the best, tallest or most amusing plants.  Let us know when your plant has finished growing, take a photo and contact the Clerk to arrange a viewing.  The best one will win a prize.

Best Kept Garden (Jackie Donkin Trophy)

This year we are once again broadening our search.  We will be splitting the judging areas into four – Waldridge Village, Poppyfield Estate, Waldridge Park Estate and Deneside that way everyone has a fair chance of winning.  One winner from each area will receive £25 voucher, the overall winner will receive an extra £25 and the trophy.

Front Door Display
We are looking for the best front door display incorporating hanging baskets and pots.

If you have a back garden / yard that isn’t seen from the roads, but think it is worth the judges taking a look, contact the Clerk to arrange viewing.  You still won’t know when the judges will be viewing your front gardens, so be prepared.

Photographic Competition –  We would like to invite you to take photos of the area, send them to us, and the Councillors will judge them.   You will win a prize.  We would like to split the competition in two, giving under and over 18’s a chance to show off their talents.  So get clicking and send your entries to the Parish Clerk.  They must be views of Waldridge Parish.   The deadline is 30th September to submit your entries.  (No digitally enhanced photos please).


How to take part
So, you fancy your chances, huh? Great! For more information about any of our upcoming competitions, please contact the Parish Clerk on

Good luck everyone!